Acupuncturist need “Imagination” and “Creativity” VOL.2 [No one can achieve something with following]

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This is the continuation of Vol.1…Please read this first


The principle should be adapted by the individual

To create your own treatment, what do we actually need to start?


We have to start with the process to modify things we have learnt from somebody and change the original into your way.




You may gonna say,

It will ruin the history or the tradition of the treatment!


Treatments need certain principle to work so we cannot change that as we want!



I know some obedient people who are claiming like this and never tried to change the treatment.


Such an attitude without imaginations and creativities, we can never upgrade to “your” treatment.



Modifying excited treatment is, in the other way to say,

to integrate all ideas your have.


Maybe no-one ever had the combination of the ideas you have. 

Isn’t this a key to progress?



If you didn’t find any effect that you have expected, then you can review the theory and improve it.



I personally believe that,

it is much more dangerous if you just continue treatments you learnt without any doubt or question, or looking for gap to fill. 




Please note that when you blindly believe one principle of the treatment,

you will be “a believer”.


It is shame to put straitjacket on when you have infinite possibility to help the patients.


There is no “right answer” in the field of acupuncture

When you think how acupuncture has developed, we can see how practitioner should be.



The outline of oriental medicine, principle of TCM,

yin-yang theory, five elements theory,,

we have a lot of way of thinking.


And yet, any of above has no evidence.




If we have a form relying on scientific evidence like modern medicine, it is possible to say which is “right” and witch is “wrong”.

(Though the “scientific evidence” is sometimes quite questionable. It’s just an example..)



But acupuncture has been developed independently from the evidence.



What is human.

What is life. 

What is the value of nature.

What is the Earth.

What is yourself.


Any of above are not correctly answered by the science. 




As such, treatments created without bind of evidence is acupuncture and traditional medicine.


This is why we – acupuncturists – have huge advantage which modern medicine never has.




We all can create the most suited way of the treatment by ourselves.


Seeking the best treatment principle might be a great pleasure to continue our practice.


At the End

Even I wrote as such, some people might still feel hesitant to it.

Of course, following existed treatment is one of the great way as a practitioner.



After all, if the patients are helped by your treatment,

it is amazing treatment!




But, just one thing you need to remember.


Somebody who found meridians and acu points.

Somebody who left their name on that field. 

Somebody who create new method. 

Somebody who started new way of diagnosis. 


And anybody in the history who led us to get further,  

is somebody who had doubt and questions, and changed something already has existed. 



There is not even one “great person” without imaginations and creativities.





You only live once.


Let’s enjoy seeking our best way till we die as a practitioner:)



original article in Japanese:鍼灸師には想像力と創造力が必要



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