Acupuncturist need “Imagination” and “Creativity” VOL.1 [what we have seminars for?]

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If you are working as an acupuncturist, you will see different patient and different condition every single day.


After all, every patient is struggling with their symptoms come with different background, and different environment.


Of course everybody has different character on their body, and there is no,  not even one out of 7.8 billion people on the earth, has exactly the same body. (Let’s not count Dolly the sheep for now. There is no time to talk about “Bill Gates is Clone” Theory)



As we see different patient everyday, we all have to face to the limit of What we can do for this. Especially if you’re treating patients with fitting into the chart of standard which already exists.


Thus, we all need an ability to create the new formula of the treatment for each patients.


This is the reason why I call every acupuncturist is all Creator and Designer.

If you’re the therapist with luck of “imagination” and “Creativity”, you will never be able to create your own treatment.


The reason we have seminars

I will talk a bit about myself.

I have been living out side of Japan for the last 7 years and continued my practice.


There is a problem that I have always been struggling with.

There is no much chance to see other Japanese style acupuncture.


When I see the post on SNS my friends are attending seminars every weekend in Japan, I sometimes feels a little jealous about it because I had less change to attend and learn from the seminar.



But once I noticed the actual value of the seminar, my mind has changed.


Seminars are not the place to be there to copy what the lecturer does and say.

It is to get seeds to create your own skill.



Some people attend the seminar with huge passion like:

I need more skills to perform better treatment!

I need more knowledge to treat this condition!



Yes it is true that we all need a new ideas.

But those ideas most likely come up in your mind from the seed you get from somewhere.



You will gain new skills when you convert someone’s skill into your style. Not when you attend a seminar and copy the technique.





Think about it. We all have different strength and weakness.


Same as our treatment.

Some are good at one specific technique, and some are not even they follow exactly the same way.



Lecturers who can hold seminars are people who kept refining their skill by themselves,

and find their own  way to convert.


Even you tried to copy their technic exactly the same, the technic is nothing but his/her techniques, it has never been yours.



Skills or knowledge that you get from somebody is all something you borrowed.

To make it yours, we need to upgrade with using ideas you get practically.




Remember, seminars are not the place to get new skills.

It is more like a supermarket to get ingredients to create your new recipe.  





to be continues to Vol.2..



original article in Japanese:鍼灸師には想像力と創造力が必要



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